Lucia W. – St. Louis, MO

Shopping for a home in 2021 could have/should have been a nightmare – yet Anthony made this the most enjoyable, fun, informative and ultimately wonderfully successful experience. After he helped our brother find his wonderfully suited home with rave reviews it was an easy decision choosing Anthony to help us this summer. From the get go he emphasized teamwork in a cool way both from his realtor firms side getting administrative items laid out in a way that made sense to us, and the team of *Us Three*: Anthony, my spouse and I trying to find our new future home, from out of state no less! Anthony was always available when we needed him and so instant in his responses and game plans. He’d go above and beyond with FaceTime tours and even doubling back to places to give us a second look with no hesitancy. This unmatched support and open communication is what helped us get through disappointments beyond our control with optimism, knowing that we were moving onward and upward. After a speedy whirlwind process we’re in our new home now – painting, adding our own touches, and instantly in love with our new warm community that we can’t wait to grow with. We’re so very grateful to Anthony for leading us, so joyfully, to our home in a city that he so obviously loves, during a really difficult year.